Security Client

Mintz Global

Transformed Mintz Global's digital landscape: from legacy systems to
innovative, secure solutions enhancing global investigative capabilities.

Our collaboration with the Mintz Global was a comprehensive journey of technological transformation and innovation. We spearheaded the architecture and development of several applications, both for internal and external use. This involved migrating from custom legacy systems to modern, framework-based CMS websites, marking a significant upgrade in their digital infrastructure.

A key aspect of our engagement was managing Linux-based security software, where we conducted thorough assessments, upgrades, and certifications. Our expertise was particularly evident in leading the engineering team in building a custom internal tracking and billing system. This system was crucial for investigators who relied on accessing a multitude of data sources worldwide.

Innovation was at the forefront of our efforts as we developed automated investigative tools tailored for Open Source Intelligence (OSINT) work. Additionally, we undertook forensic analysis and data recovery, critical components in their investigative processes.

Our approach to project management was rooted in agility. We implemented Agile methodologies, established robust code repositories, and ensured meticulous documentation and bug tracking. Furthermore, our role extended to providing code analysis and advisement during potential buyouts of software and service companies.

A significant achievement was leading the development, migration, and maintenance of a custom application for customer interaction, internal management, tracking, reporting, and billing. This application was instrumental in handling over $12 million in annual revenue. We also achieved seamless integration using RESTful web services for Mintz Global’s largest customer.

Infrastructure development included building new CentOS 7 based LAMP stacks in a highly secure, internal cloud environment. We utilized Docker for development purposes, deploying efficient and scalable containerized applications.

Finally, we instituted coding standards and conducted comprehensive regression, performance, and security testing. Our team also architected and coded data extraction software for legacy customer data stored in structured sales documents, ensuring a smooth transition and continuity of valuable historical data.