Early Web Innovation: High-end
e-commerce design, seamless systems integration, and innovative multi-channel marketing strategies.

Our project with RugAuthority.com started in the late 1990's, building a custom shopping cart when no reasonable off the shelf products existed. Over the last two and half decades we this evolved to encompass comprehensive architectural and managerial work for both on-site and online systems across multiple U.S. locations. This included the implementation of a VPN network, connecting various facets of the business seamlessly.

A significant part of our role was developing a holistic marketing strategy, which embraced both online and traditional approaches. This strategy encompassed customer management tools for a fine furnishings business with multiple retail locations, incorporating print, video, and web advertising.

We achieved a major milestone by integrating customized inventory control software with their E-Commerce website, ensuring smooth in-store shopping experiences. This integration extended to financial controls, sales team opportunity processes, and reporting within a CRM system.

A notable achievement was leading the design, development, and implementation of an upscale e-commerce site. This site not only reflected the sophistication of the products but also maintained a high transaction average of $3,500.

Our team was also responsible for implementing and administering critical systems including data, email, security, and backup systems. Furthermore, we constructed customized interfaces for CRM software, enhancing its utility with advanced reporting tools.

Leadership in the design, development, implementation, and maintenance of SQL Server databases, web applications, Crystal Reports, and SalesLogix customizations was another key aspect of our work. This involved intricate technical work that significantly bolstered the company's IT infrastructure.

We conceptualized, designed, and implemented a Cloud-based “All-in-One” Small Business Server. This server facilitated integration between multiple websites, CRM, email, various social media platforms, Google Apps, and QuickBooks, exemplifying our expertise in creating holistic business solutions.

Our responsibilities extended to managing teams in Sales, Service, and Logistics, ensuring cohesive and efficient operations. Additionally, we were involved in conducting in-person sales of antiques and vintage hand-made Oriental rugs, handling transactions ranging from $1,000 to $500,000 per customer.

In summary, our work with RugAuthority.com was a blend of innovative e-commerce solutions, effective systems integration, strategic marketing, and leadership in various business operations, culminating in a highly successful and sophisticated digital and operational presence.