FinTech Client

Charles Schwab

Revolutionizing Charles Schwab's digital infrastructure: Enhanced speed, innovative cross-firewall integrations, and advanced authentication systems.

Our collaboration with Charles Schwab was marked by significant advancements in technology and process optimization. A standout achievement was decreasing the local developer environment's automated build and testing times by an impressive 82%, greatly enhancing efficiency.

We played a pivotal role in creating Schwab's first cross-firewall integrations, utilizing both internal and external resources. This involved a cloud-hosted multi-site platform, marking a groundbreaking development in their system architecture.

A key innovation was the design and prototyping of a stateless authentication system, integrating Schwab’s internal Customer Access Management system and Common Credential Store. This facilitated sign-on processes while enabling access to profile data from an external CRM pipeline.

Our team was instrumental in the development of the “Sign-on With Schwab” solution. This allowed externally hosted sites to utilize Apigee for Oauth tokens, with authentication occurring on Schwab’s internal servers. This complex system required extensive API integrations and ensured secure data synchronization with internal storage.

In addition, we engineered Marketo/Salesforce bidirectional, multipurpose integrations into the CMS, leveraging both API-driven solutions and JavaScript embedding. This integration enhanced the overall functionality and user experience of Schwab's systems.

We also architected and developed RESTful API integration from ACFS hosted sites to C.S. Investment Management Technology. This was critical for aggregating data for, involving a complex set of queues and endpoints to manage a vast array of data points and files crucial for Schwab's sales divisions.

Lastly, our work included the creation and optimization of a new Docker Development environment. This was integrated into the CI/CD pipeline, incorporating both security and QA testing, signifying a major step forward in their development and deployment processes.

In summary, our work with Charles Schwab was a blend of innovation, strategic planning, and technical expertise, leading to enhanced operational efficiency, secure data management, and robust digital solutions.