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Time, inc.

Revolutionizing web platforms: Agile leadership, innovative AWS integrations,
and total rebuilds for world-class sites like

Our engagement with this project was a showcase of cutting-edge development and leadership. As the Lead Team on multiple Agile teams, we focused on the core web platform, particularly DCMS, renowned for being one of the world’s most extensively customized Drupal builds.

Our role as a Dev-Ops liaison was crucial in bridging the gap between the core development team, ensuring seamless collaboration and integration. A key achievement was building RESTful web services integrations using AWS for, where we also served as the core team representative.

The project's highlight was the complete rebuild of This comprehensive process included information gathering, architectural planning, code development, migration, custom module development, performance tuning, and a successful launch. This endeavor not only tested our technical prowess but also our project management and strategic planning skills.

In addition to these technical feats, we played a pivotal role in mentoring, supervising, and assisting junior and mid-level engineers. This not only helped in the successful execution of the project but also fostered a learning and growth environment within the team.

Furthermore, we developed and tested a development platform used by all core developers on VirtualBox, which streamlined the development process and enhanced productivity. Our commitment to excellence extended to conducting extensive research and analysis of resources and tools, which culminated in the creation of a standardized developer toolkit, setting a benchmark in development practices.

Overall, our work in this project was a testament to our expertise in software development, project management, and team leadership, resulting in robust, scalable, and efficient digital solutions.